PharmProspect offers a range of services aiming to shape the R&D portfolios of start-ups and biotech companies such that they fit the needs of Pharma and obtain investor interest. Moreover, PharmProspect supports clients with the identification of the ideal licensee or collaboration partner, connects clients to that party and supports establishing the best licensing or partnership deal.

PharmProspect scouts for funding organizations, investors and Pharma companies, and assists with the assessment of the scientific and competitive attractiveness of their opportunities.

A broad package of financial services (including venture capital funding, non-dilutive instruments, financial forecast modelling and financial management) is available through PharmProspect's partner F.Institute.

Examples of services are listed below:

Start-ups, biotech companies, universities

  • Advising on innovative competitiveness of drug discovery portfolios and licensing/partnering programs
  • Advising on value of licensing/partnering programs
  • Optimizing the presentation of licensing/partnering programs
  • Supporting executive management throughout partnering meetings, prospecting trips and company visits, and during discussions with funding agencies and investors
  • Searching for licensees or collaborative partners (i.e. innovators, niche players, generics developers, special geographic coverage)
  • Supporting licensing/partnering submissions
  • Advising deal structuring
  • Supporting due diligence, negotiations or alliance management
  • Assisting with fund raising activities
  • Coaching young CEOs and BD&L executives

Funding organizations, investors and Pharma

  • Scouting for investment, licensing or partnering opportunities
  • Assessing innovative and competitive attractiveness of:
    • drug discovery portfolio
    • enabling technology
    • diagnostics portfolio
  • Supporting executive management throughout partnering meetings and company visits (universities, biotech, Pharma)
  • Coaching young CEOs and BD&L executives


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