PharmProspect supports a variety of clients:

  • Universities and TTOs
  • Start-up companies
  • Biotech companies 
  • Pharma enabling technology companies
  • Diagnostics companies
  • Funding agencies
  • Investors
  • Pharma companies

PharmProspect's client portfolio covers:

  • Belgium
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • The Netherlands
  • US

Examples from past business cases

Universities and TTOs

  • A university developed various potential therapeutics and proposed a research collaboration to further develop the IP and to assess its commercial applicability. Jeroen Tonnaer advised which programs would fit best with Pharma’s strategy and assisted the university in connecting to the right internal Pharma stakeholders. A preclinical research collaboration was signed.
  • Another university developed a potential therapeutic and proposed a research collaboration to further develop and assess the commercial applicability of the IP. Jeroen advised how the opportunity could be best presented to Pharma subject matter experts and he negotiated the collaborative agreement (for Pharma). A preclinical research collaboration with exclusive license option was signed.

Start-up/biotech companies

  • A biotech company developed a class of molecules having broad potential therapeutic applicability and offered those for further development. Jeroen Tonnaer led the scientific evaluation, due diligence and negotiations (for Pharma) which yielded a $MM research collaboration and license agreement.
  • A biotech company developed technology and was in need of Pharma support to further assess its therapeutic applicability. Jeroen advised the company how to present the technology, connected to the right internal Pharma stakeholders and served as a facilitating liaison during the internal evaluation and negotiations. A preclinical research collaboration was signed.
  • A biotech company wished to partner/outlicense their proprietary technology platform. Jeroen Tonnaer led the negotiations with an interested party which resulted in a collaborative agreement with an option to license under predetermined conditions.

Funding agencies/Investors

  • A venture capital firm asked guidance regarding the scientific and competitive attractiveness of potential investment opportunities. Jeroen Tonnaer advised on some of the opportunities and connected the VC to subject matter experts. The VC used the information obtained in its decision whether or not to invest in the respective companies.

Pharma companies

  • A pharma company proposed joined development of assets to be sourced in an emerging economy. Jeroen Tonnaer led the negotiations aiming to yield a win-win scenario for both pharma parties. A services- and exclusive license option agreement was signed.