About PharmProspect

PharmProspect BV was established by Jeroen Tonnaer, a seasoned pharma professional with more than 35 years worldwide experience in drug discovery-development and BD&L at both the Pharma and biotech sides. The driver behind establishing this consultancy was Jeroen’s desire to make his broad scientific and licensing expertise available to new talent in this innovative arena which aims to discover novel medicines and to have these developed and commercialized by Pharma partners.

Pharma’s needs

PharmProspect understands what Pharma companies need and how they look for potential licensing, partnering or acquisition opportunities in the major therapeutic areas. That is why PharmProspect can accelerate start-up or biotech companies to become Pharma’s preferred business partner and why it can also help funding agencies, investors and Pharma to identify their ideal start-up or biotech company.

Worldwide and cross-cultural business

During his career at Organon, Schering-Plough and Merck & Co., Inc., Jeroen has built broad knowledge and expertise in drug discovery & development, research strategy, business development and licensing. He has extensive knowledge of innovative scientific approaches in major therapeutic indications. Jeroen has a global vision and extensive cross-cultural experience in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Asia and in emerging regions. He is an effective networker with academia, biotech, Pharma and venture capital firms.


Jeroen’s organizational and communication capabilities and his well-developed skills as a project leader formed the propelling force behind several drug candidates in Pharma’s pipeline, some of which reached the market (e.g. asenapine, Sycrest®, Saphris®). His great talent for cross-cultural networking, his solid experience in identifying the right partners and in arranging licensing or partnership agreements yielded several $MM licensing deals and multiple smaller scale collaborative partnerships between Pharma and academic parties or biotech companies. His alliance management capabilities have been praised by several of these business partners.

Jeroen has an MSc in biology and a PhD in pharmacology. He is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP™; a credential from the Licensing Executives Society, USA and Canada, Inc.).